Experienced New England Lawyer Helps the Disabled Secure Government Benefits

Reliable New England attorney represents clients in Social Security Disability issues

When a physical or mental impairment keeps you from working for at least a year, accessing government benefits and support is essential for your recovery and overall wellbeing. At the Law Office of Bainbridge D. Testa, PLLC, I assist individuals throughout New England in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) matters and have extensive experience guiding clients through this complicated process. I understand how overwhelming the SSDI system can be and offer personalized and attentive representation. Whether you need to file an initial claim, appeal a denial or are seeking representation for the administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing, I will review your claim and create the strongest possible arguments to support the approval of benefits.

How working with an attorney can benefit your SSDI claim

The large majority of initial claims are rejected, frequently due to insufficient medical evidence. Working with an experienced attorney from the very beginning of the process will help to avoid unnecessary administrative delays, ensure that the required medical records are submitted and give you the best chance at being approved as soon as possible. I have years of experience fighting for disabled clients and know what examiners expect to see to approve a claim.

How long do you have to file an appeal?

Most claimants should expect to go through some part of the appeals’ process if they want to pursue benefits. There are four levels of appeals for SSDI claims: reconsideration, ALJ hearing, Appeals Council and federal court. A denial at any level of review must be appealed within 60 days of receiving notice. Most claims are appealed through the ALJ hearing level, with the last two levels of review (Appeals Council and federal court) typically limited to extreme or special cases due to the time, cost and legal factors involved. I am extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the appeals process and will take time to explain how your case will be handled at each level of review.

What can you expect during an ALJ hearing?

The ALJ hearing is the place where you can make a direct appeal for approval to an administrative law judge. The ALJ examines whether you are totally disabled and the extent of your disability. You can expect the ALJ to ask you and your witnesses questions, as well as any vocational and medical experts the government may send. In addition, the ALJ will listen to arguments offered by you and your attorney and consider new evidence. Importantly, this is the last stage you are permitted to present new medical evidence, and is your best chance at approval, so having an experienced attorney is crucial.

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